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It's all about great service

All our apartments come with various complimentary services that we feel are essential to offer You immediate convenience and comfort. We will it easy to arrive in a new city and we will nurture and assist you to make you instantly feel at home. Tab pictures below to learn more about our complimentary services.


Complimentary cleaning


As a part of our standard-service, your apartment is thoroughly cleaned once a month for your comfort and convenience.

Weekly or bi-weekly cleaning can be purchased as an add-on if so desired. This way the home is always spotless!

Plug and Play

Wi-fi, Smart TV & Chrome Cast


Don’t you hate when wifi is not included in your accomodation rentals?

We sure do. That’s why every apartment comes with complimentary highspeed wi-fi.

We have also installed a Chromecast device in all our apartments for easy streaming of your favourite content. 


24h remote support, call outs etc.


You are most likely unfamiliar with danish properties, fittings and technical installations.

That is why we come when you call!

Our call-out service means that if we can’t support you remotely, we will be in your apartment as soon as possible to assist you. 

Equipped Kitchen

Cutlery, utensils & Electronics


Your kitchen is stocked with basic cooking eqiupment, utensils and cutlery:


Glassses, plates, bowls, cutlery etc. for 6 persons.

Frying Pan, pot, saute-pan and cassarole.

Microwave, espresso-maker, water-boiler & toaster.

Basic utensils, knives, corkscrew etc.


Iron board, iron, clothes racks etc.


Going to your workplace the morning after a day in transit?

You probably are.

Your apartment is fitted with Ironing facilities so you can look sharp from day one. 


Tea. Coffee. Cookies. Linen. Towels.


You shouldn’t have to waste precious luggage-space on towels & bed linen. Your apartment is already stocked:


2 pillows & 2 duvees with linen pr. bed.

2 bath towels & 2 hand towels.


You will also find tea, coffee, cookies and toiletries ready when you arrive.

What is a Movinn Serviced Apartment?

We sometimes gets asked about the difference between regular apartments and serviced apartments.  For us here in Movinn, a proper Serviced Apartment is a combination of different factors:

1) High quality furniture design,

2) High quality equipment, linen and electronics for plug-and-play convenience. 

3) Services included! Ongoing cleaning, end cleaning, 24 hour assistance, wifi, chrome cast, extended maintenance and so on. 

4) Flexibility! Short termination notices and flexible rental periods.  

 We have tried to compile these differences into the table to the right. We call it "comparing pears and apples". For obvious reasons :) 

Some need a bit of extra

At Movinn we understand the need for a no-hazzle private life. That is why we offer Clients and Residents the option to purchase additional services to any degree of individual comfort, convenience and security. This way you can focus on more important matters in your life.

Addtional Cleaning

Monthly Cleaning is included in your rental, but we offer Clients and Residents the option to purchase weekly or Bi-weekly cleaning service. Prices vary with the size of your apartment. Actual charges for every apartment can be seen in the "Apartments" list. Prices are VAT excluded.

Added insurance

The loose items in your apartment (furniture, equipment etc.) is insured in case of a sudden damage, like fire or water and in case of theft. Kindly be advised, that your personal belongings are not covered by this insurance. If you wish to insure your personal belongings, we can help facilitate this though our Insurance partner, Topdanmark. 

Window Polishing

Need your windows to be squeeky clean? 
We offer our Residents the option to purchase monthly, quarterly or semi-annually window polishing service. Prices vary with number of windows in your apartment. Please contact our Service Department for a price quote. 

Linen Service

Change, wash and press means fresh, crisp Linen and towels at all times. Linen service can be purchased as a weekly, bi-weekly or monthly event.


Storage Service

8 cubic metres of clean, safe, and dry storage of your personal belongings. Handling and transport is included in the price.

DKK 350

pr. month (+VAT). 

Basic Kitchen Supplies

We can stock your kitchen with basic food and kitchen supplies if needed.

Olive Oil, balsamic vinegar, Salt, pepper and sugar. Tabs & Maintenance for dishwasher.

 Price is a one-off payment of 175 DKK and the items will be in your apartment upon arrival. 

More like home

All our apartments come furnished with the same recoqnizable and iconic interior design. Every apartment also has the same standards of electronics and equipment. For some, our standard decor and equipment is more than enough, whilst others have special requests. This is why Movinn offers different types of equipment rentals: So you can make your apartment feel more like home.

Baby Kit


Rent larger items if you are bringing your young familly, The baby kit has a: 

Cot (Infant bed).

Mattress & Sheets

High Chair

Safety gate for 1 door.

​ Monthly rent + VAT

350 DKK

(min. 1 month rental period)

Workstation Kit


Will you be needing to work from home? Rent a Workstation Kit:

Office Chair

Monthly rent + VAT

400 DKK

(min. 1 month rental period)

Bike Kit


Getting around with public transportation can sometimes be a bit tidious. Rent a bike from us and explore the city in your own pace.

Movinn Bike (men’s or women’s)

Monthly rent + VAT

500 DKK

(min. 1 month rental period)

Guest Bed Kit


If you need an extra bed for visiting family and friends, we can offer you to rent a kit:

1 inflatable bed (140x200x50cm)
2 pillows
2 duvees
2 pillow covers, 2 duvee covers & 1 sheet

 Monthly rent + VAT

350 DKK

(min. 1 month rental period)

Cosy-it-up Kit


Our apartments are minimalistically decorated with quality design throughout. If you are in need of some more cosiness, you can rent a kit:

2 cushions.
1 plaid / blanket
1 vase, 2 bowls

Monthly rent + VAT

200 DKK

(min. 1 month rental period)

Asian Cooking Kit


Many of our Residents need cooking items that are not part of the standard issue in our apartments. You can rent a kit:

Pressure Cooker
Rice Cooker
Wok pan (induction stove compatable)

 Monthly rent + VAT

400 DKK

(min. 1 month rental period)

Trusted partners

Your well-being is extremely important to us and we go though great lengths to assist with all sorts of issues. (In lack of a better term, let's call it consierge service :)). That is why we offer complimentary assistance and referrals to trusted third party vendors. With our trusted partners you will, as part of the Movinn family, get excellent treatment. You are free to reach out to our partners directly, or you can have us do it. We are here to help you feel like a local.


Palæklinikken (Copenhagen)

If you are in need of dental care Palæklinikken is the place to go. The clinique located in the city center of Copenhagen. 
Easy access by foot if you are living in the city, or by metro from Kgs. Nytorv Metro station.  

The service is excellent and the expertise is unmatched.

For more information, visit their website.

For immediate and direct assistance, please call 




Klemmes (Copenhagen)

If you need a Hairdresser and barber Klemme's is the place to go. The have a small salon in the historical city center of Copenhagen that is hard to find, if you don't know where to look. 

Excellent service. Fantastic skills. 

You can pop in at the Salon: 

Ny Adelgade 9, 1104 Copenhagen K 

For more information, give Klemme's a call: 




Klinikken Nyhavn 16 (Copenhagen)

If you or your family members are struggling with back pains, muscular issues ect., we have an ace up our sleeve. 

Klinikken Nyhavn 16 is located by the historic Harbour, Nyhavn, in the inner city. They offer sports therapy, zonal therapy, massages, chiropractic service and much more. They are also specialists in treating infants. 

You won't find nicer or better professional therapists in Copenhagen. 

Give them a call at: 




Café Bomhuset (Copenhagen)


Cafe Bomhuset in Charlottenlund is open for brunch, lunch and Dinner. The service is very friendly and the food is great. 
The place is well-suited for business lunches, private parties or just for a good ol' night out. 

For more information and reservations, feel free to give the good people a call: 


Anything you need?

Maybe we can help

We have an extended network of trusted third party providers, so if there is anything you need, we might be able to help. 

So please don't hesitate to reach out :)