The Six Forgotten Giants

“Did you just say… Troll hunting?” Yes we did, and we think it’s a perfect way to combine an outdoor field trip with fun, art and nature. Artist and activist launched “The Six Forgotten Giants” back in 2017, and this internationally acknowledged project has been a great way to discover the wonders of nature in the surrounding (western) regions of Copenhagen.

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Troll hunting as an art project

You are going on a TROLL HUNT. That’s right. A troll hunt in the western region Copenhagen! These 
hidden giants are placed carefully in open fields and forests of the western municipalities of Copenhagen, and it is up to you to go find them all. And you can easily bring your young ones along, as the wodden giants are super friendly.

This troll hunt is actually the result of a recycle-artwork project created by artist and activist, Thomas Dambo, called “The Six Forgotten Giants”. His idea is truly wonderful; to combine art, activism and the marvelous idea of treasure hunts in order to get more people out of the city and into nature.

“All six sculptures are made from scrap wood with the help of local volunteers, and is the first chapter of Thomas Dambo’s ongoing story: “The great story of the little people and the giant trolls.”
The project wants to bring art out of the museum, show the beautiful and often overlooked nature spots, and at the same time give an exciting and different experience.” - Dambo.

Hands down, we love this, and this is the perfect idea for a little adventurous day-trip to see the areas surrounding the danish capital. Dambo has actually implemented his works all over the world, and has gained tons of positive publicity and feedback for his creativity and originality.

So what are you waiting for? Get out there to the greater regions of Copenhagen and start hunting for giant trolls in recycled materials.

The treasure hunt contains clues and a few fun riddles you need to do in order to get closer to the actual location of the giants… and trust us, this is fun and at the same time a wonderful opportunity to explore the danish nature!

Best of luck and enjoy!


Get “The Troll Map” here:

Read more about Thomas Dambo here: