Supporting Local Communities: Hellebro x Movinn

Movinn is joining the fight against youth homelessness with private initiative, Hellebro.

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Hellebro is a charitable house situated in Copenhagen. It is a private initiative initiated by native Copenhagener and “ildsjæl”, Eva Riedel. Together with a dedicated team, Eva has created a safe space, where young people – living on the edge of permanent homelessness – can experience support and care and get a second chance in life.

Hellebro has common areas filled with recreational offers, youth homes and apartments. They also help the residents with job training and to find apartments for them to stay at, when their time at Hellebro is up. Hellebro is not all fun and games: They enforce a strict no-drugs-policy, so if you not ready to give up your bad habits, Hellebro is not the place for you.

Movinn is helping with ongoing linen service, donations of furniture, appliances etc., and ad hoc projects whenever Hellebro needs to get something done.

Our CEO, Patrick Blok says: "We have a strong sense of social responsibility in Movinn and we have a soft spot for supporting our youth in general. Meeting Eva from Hellebro was like a revelation, as it was such a good match to what we can contribute with. And Eva is a force of nature - when you are in her presence you instantly know that she will get the job done. And she has a great team around her. So we are committing to the long run and a long partnership with Hellebro, where we can offer support and donations. And that is just the beginning - we will up our commitment when the time is right".  

“Vi plejer at sige, hvis du bor i skrald, bliver du skrald. Bare fordi målgruppen er udsatte behøver vi ikke at nøjes med at tilbyde discount sociale løsninger, men tværtimod samskabe bæredygtige løsninger med socialt engagerede selskaber som Movinn. Det er sådan civilsamfundet bidrager til at unge hjemløse hurtigere kommer tilbage på sikker grund”. Eva Riedel Founder Hellebro