When Aid Ukraine Danmark called Movinn answered

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Aid Ukraine Denmark is an NGO and a network of volunteers that helps Ukrainian refugees, who are on their way to Denmark, or have arrived in Denmark. The organization consists of a group of diverse people who use our professional skills to make a difference for those in need. Movinn has several good friends and business partners engaged in the network, so when we got the chance to contribute we did not think twice.

The war in Ukraine is a human tragedy in all aspects and the people fleeing war zones need support, housing and care. Movinn urgently provided serviced housing for Ukrainian families for two months - until the network was able to find the families a long term housing solution. It is a humble contribution for sure - a drop in the sea - but when everyone comes together the humble contributions can also make a difference. 

Lasse Larsen, Aid Ukraine Danmark, states: 
"I had the pleasure of spending a morning together with these three families, who recently took the long journey from Ukraine to Denmark in one of Aid Ukraine Denmark's busses. In spite of what they experienced before they left, they are all extremely pleased to be here and ready to get on with their lives. Thanks to Movinn for providing a great place for them to stay.
We still need more housing opportunities. Especially for families with 4+ and families with pets. Please contact if you or anyone you know can help out with housing in a limited period of time. We appreciate all help and inquiries".

Patrick Blok, Movinn CEO, says: 
"We are happy to provide a temporary safe space and care for the families, but it is obviously against a tragic backdrop and we are hoping for immanent peace to the Ukrainian people. 
We would like to thank Aid Ukraine Danmark for all their great efforts and for involving us so we could contribute to the cause." 

It is clear that more can be done - and more needs to be done. 
Visit the organizations website,, to read more about the great work that the volunteers are doing - and for more information on how it is possible to contribute.