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Movinn Serviced apartments and partners up to offer expat clients easy and convenient grocery shopping option brought directly to your door.

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" is the perfect service to Movinn's many expat clients"

Online supermarket giant and Movinn have entered into a partnership to offer expat clients an easy and convenient grocery shopping option. A lot of Movinn's clients are so-called expats. Expats - short for expatriates - have left their homeland for a while, often to work in Denmark and to enrich our industries with their sought after skills and knowledge. They are often working long hours, they are unlikely to be familiar with danish neighborhoods upon arrival and they probably have no knowledge of danish supermarket providers. How is that for a match made in expat heaven. must be the perfect service to Movinn's many expat clients. We Danes know and personally they are one of my everyday-favorites: The selection is vast, delivery is fast and service is great. No standing in line in the supermarket, no carrying groceries up 4-5 flights of stairs, mind you.

Movinn will offer clients a discount code that ensures free delivery on the first order. This way our clients can have a risk-free go at Having a risk-free go at something is something we are very familiar with: We offer potential new business clients special introductory terms so they may try out our services before committing to a more long term relationship: This is how we prefer to do business. If you are not happy with our product and services, we have no interest in keeping you tied up in long contracts. And in all business relationships one has to familiarize themselves with each other before committing both time and cash.

I once read somewhere that cold-calling somebody expecting them to commit to a business relationship on the spot, is the equivalent to walking up to a stranger asking them to marry. So yeah, we will wine and dine each ofter before we take our relationship further and if someone is unhappy they should not be forced to stay. Obviously. And now we can wine and dine each other with good quality grocery supplies from

The service is totally free in Movinn's end: All we want is to offer our clients the best experience possible. The service will be described in your Welcome-email. In here upcoming residents can see a brief description, a link to and a discount code to claim free delivery. We think it is a great match and we hope the service will offer value to our residents and clients.

For more information on strategic partnerships, please get in touch with Patrick ( and for more information on the service, please get in touch with our awesome service department (