Increased Focus on Sustainability

Movinn is transforming core operations to focus on a more sustainable approach in procurement from sub-suppliers. Most recently we have streamlined energy purchases with danish giant Orsted and opted for "green energy".

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Sustainability in consumption and environmental concerns have never been more adamant, hotly debated or present in political agendas. And while change sometimes stem from above, it can also rise from below.

At Movinn, we are trying to do our part - albeit a drop in the sea - and we are changing our focus in procurement to embrace a more sustainable mode of consumption. We have eliminated our use of single-use plastics. We have implemented electrical bicycles to limit the carbon footprint of our service staff (And yes, we still have some diesel cars... Sorry, World, we are working on it). And we have upgraded different furniture items to make our apartment inventory live longer - and live better. 

Most recently we have changed our procurement of electricity. We have centralized everything with Danish power supplier, Ørsted, and we have chosen the "Green Energy" product they offer.

Green Energy costs more “danish ører” per kWh than regular energy. This sounds like nothing, but we are using a LOT of kilowatt hours on a yearly basis. And our consumption is growing as long as we are doing too. 

A funny bonus is that you get a neat VE-Certificate from Ørsted (see above). It’s like a diploma. Or a letter of indulgence. Either way, we are both happy and feel good about our decision. 

We remain realistic and we know we are not saving the planet. However, Movinn WILL be contributing to this transition and opting for "Green Energy" must be the easiest way to put your money where your mouth is. It literally requires percent ZERO skill: You have to consume more than 100.000 kwh a year and then you basically just call Ørsted and ask them to take your money.

It’s fantastic. We love it and we love renewable energy sources. Now both with our words and or actions.