Frederiksberg Have

You properly already know about this, but we still want to bring it up. Frederiksberg Garden is just a beautiful city park, perfect for an afternoon walk, morning run or just a “get-outside” option for the entire family. Read more about it right here, and get inspired by four other ways to explore the great outdoors when living in Copenhagen.

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Green oasis in modern neighborhood

Fresh air and green and beautiful areas in the middle of the city,

In the exclusive neighbourhood of Copenhagen, Frederiksberg, you’ll find Frederiksberg Have (Frederiksberg Gardens). This is a very popular place to go for a walk, a run, a picnic etc. 

The gardens are open every day all year round and it opens at 7 am and closes between 5 pm and 22 pm depending on the season. 


Frederiksberg Gardens was laid out by the old king of Denmark, Frederik 4th. The gardens are located around Frederiksberg Castle, which is an old beautiful royal castle. 


It is very common to go for a walk in the beautiful gardens followed by a trip to the Copenhagen Zoo, which is located in the northern part of Frederiksberg Gardens. Actually, you can have a look at a part of the Zoo from the Garden, because there’s a spot where you can look directly at the elephant yard. 

The garden is the perfect place for an excursion or picnic when the weather allows it.