Dyrehaven (the deer park)

We love the city, but sometimes we just need to ... breathe! And we like to do so in the wonderful “Dyrehaven”, just north of Copenhagen, where wildlife, breathtaking scenery and the historical Hermitage Castle blends into an all time favorite outdoor experience for us.

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Nature & wildlife

As “Copenhagernes” we do love all the diverse city-living-opportunities our wonderful capitol has to offer. But some of us also crave the occasional “out of town”-trip, you know, just to get away from everything and into something more… natural and quiet.

Because there is nothing more soul-recharging than these special moments which allows you to get really connected with the wonders of mother nature. And when we feel the cravings for this nature-connection, we go to “Dyrehaven”.

“Dyrehaven”, or the deer park, is a popular place to visit all year around, each with different kinds of seasonal beauty and wildlife, as it is the home of more than 2000 deers living freely in the park.

Back in the days, the deer park was a designated hunting ground for the danish royal family and fast forward to today, the park is widely used for walks, runs, family picnics and - for some - golfing. That’s right. You can actually play golf in the park at the Royal Copenhagen Golf Club, which is the oldest golf course in Scandinavia. This club offers “pay-and-play” options, and trust us; if you are the golfing kind of person, you need to try this out.

If - on the other hand - historical architecture is your thing, you have to pass by ‘Eremitageslottet’ (The Hermitage). This beautiful old castle was used as the King of Denmark’s hunting lodge many years ago. And why walk to the castle, when you can take a horse-carriage ride all the way up there, like the royals did in the old days?

But wait, what about roller coasters, candyfloss and super family-fun times? Well, “Dyrehaven” is the gift that keeps on giving, if you plan to pay a visit to ‘Dyrehavsbakken’.
Why? Because Dyrehavsbakken is the oldest still-existing amusement park IN THE WORLD and there’s free entrance - the amusement park itself is even older than the rest of the park. That’s why!

So all in all, Dyrehaven is an obvious place to go, if you want a break from the city. Everything from golfing, great nature and amusement park to historical castles and amazing wildlife, this needs to be seen.

Dyrehaven is located not far away from the middle of Copenhagen; take the train from any train station in Copenhagen to Klampenborg Station, which is located right next to one of the 19 different red-gated entrances to the park. Each of the 19 entrances are very iconic red gates and it has been these kinds of gates since the mid of the 18th century.