Østre Anlæg

Østre Anlæg is a beautiful park in between Østerbro and the inner city. Go to Østre Anlæg for a walk, a family trip, a run or anything else. It is a wonderful oasis in the heart of Copenhagen. You can go there on a family trip, go there for a run, walk or just hang out in the nice and quiet areas in the park.

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Park in between Østerbro and Inner City

Do you want to clear your mind, get some fresh air, but still want to be in the middle of the city? Then the Øster Anlæg is a must to visit for you. 


Østre Anlæg, established back in 1871, gives you the immediate sensation of being in “true, wild nature”; designed with hilly terrain, smaller forest paths and different lakes with a great animal life, this park resembles a fantastic natural scenery, which also incorporates many wild herbs, perennials and grasses and boasts a rich fauna - particularly in the lakes.

The Østre Anlæg park also provides its visitors with two playgrounds - making a visit extremely popular amongst local families - and maybe the most popular sledge slope in the entire city of Copenhagen.  

And as the Østre Anlæg is part of the Copenhagen sample of park museums, you will have the fulfilling opportunity to see both sculptures and monuments, as well as the breathtaking architecture of the SMK, “Statens Museum for Kunst”, and the art museum ‘Den Hirschsprungske Samling’


So head over to this wonderful oasis of a park, whether you are innit for a quiet walk, a soul cleansing run or a great family field trip.