Frequently asked questions

If you can't find the information you need, our service department are ready to be of assistance. Reach out at any time at:

Regarding the Covid-19 situation

- Our apartments are thoroughly cleaned before arrival.

- We have online access systems on all apartments, meaning you can arrive in your own time - at any time - and with no contact to others.  

- We can offer workstations if needed to work from home. 

- We have a company arrangement with online supermarket, They can deliver groceries to your home if you don't wish to shop yourself. For more information on this, please contact us. We can also assist you in grocery shopping if needed. 

- Our staff is instructed in containment under the recommendations from the WHO. 


Cancellation policy

Booked apartments can be cancelled free of charge 14 days or more before the move in date.

Cancellations 0-13 days before move in date, is subject to a 14 day penalty of the rent. 


Termination notice. 

After 2 months, the agreement can be terminated with a 1 month ongoing notice.

This way you will always have a high degree of flexibility should your living needs change. 


What are the total costs? 

You pay rent and utilities. Prices vary from apartment to apartment. 
All apartments including pricing are visible here. Other then that there no hidden fees. 


Do you require a security deposite? 

Unless you have a specific company agreement, security deposites are between 1-3 months depending on different factors. 


What happens to my security deposite?

When you vacate your serviced apartment, we do a move out inspection. If the apartment is returned with no damages or defaults, the security deposite will be returned in full. The normal process time is up to 4 weeks from move out, to inspection, to reporting, to transfer of funds. 


Do I have to paint the apartment and sand the floors when i leave? 

Nope. That is included in the rent. You are only liable to damages and defaults.


What is the minimum rental period? 

1 month is the minimum rental period. No upper limit. Stay as long as you like.


What is the difference between "short term" and "long term"? 

Short term is 1-3 months. 

Long term is 3+ months. 

Long term pricing is visible under each apartment. Short term rental is priced differently due to added costs and administration. You can always contact the sales department,, to get a short term quote. 


Can I do my CPR-registration with your apartments? 

Yes you can. 
Some of our apartments are without registration. The information is available under each apartment.