Movinn Career

We try to surround ourselves with talented and dedicated people. With us, you don't need an outstanding academic record, but you do need the right set of values and a good amount of tenacity and curiosity.


Service & Property Technician (FULL TIME), Copenhagen Department.

We are looking for a dedicated and responsible colleague to fill a full-time position in our Service Department. 



- Property maintenance and repair.

- Apartment maintenance and repair.

- Prepping new apartments (furnishing etc.)

- Property Caretaker-duties. 

- Ad hoc Cleaning. 

- Call-outs to service Residents. 

- Customer care. 

- Occasional weekend watch duties. 


About the position: 

- Full time position.

- Primarily mon-fri between 9am - 5pm. 

- Copenhagen department. 

- Wage after qualifications.

- Experience as a caretaker, property manager or builder is a plus.

- Communications in danish and english.

- Drivers license (B) and a clean penal record is a must.

- You will be given a phone, tools and a service-car.


Contact: Kenneth Nielsen,


Cleaner (Full-time & Part-time, Copenhagen Department)

 We are looking for a thorough and responsible colleagues to fill full-time and part-time positions in our Service Department. You will be responsible for making our apartments and common areas looking spotless and shiny. This makes you one of the most important people in our organization :)



- Property and common area cleaning.

- Apartment cleaning.

- Prepping apartments for new residents. 

- Handling linen. 

- Reporting. 

- Occasional garden keeping.



- Full time. 

- Primarily mon-fri between 9am - 5pm. 

- Copenhagen department. 

- Drivers license and a clean penal record a must.

- Contact and application: Kenneth Nielsen,