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Professional Serviced Apartments Supplier.

Movinn is a professional supplier of move-in-ready, plug-and-play serviced apartments in Aarhus, Odense and Copenhagen. We offer high-quality apartments in good locations whilst ensuring a high level of service. Creating a home for our Residents and value for our Clients holds top priority.

Great Service. Personal Dedication.

We swear by the value of long-term, professional relationships and we cultivate these relationships through consistent and high-quality service deliveries and account management.

Here, dedication, propriety and professionalism are essential virtues that run through our entire supply chain. 

Our story

Since our launch in the spring of 2015 - with 1 apartment - we have always kept our eyes on the needs of our clients and residents. Today we are one of the largest providers in Denmark, covering a large part of the country and we have a pretty good reputation. We are obviously happy with this, but we'll stay focused and determined to do more in the future. Tab the images below to read more about some of our milestones.




In October 2014, the board and management team consisting of Jesper Thaning, Morten Nielsen and Patrick Blok was set and Movinn A/S was formally founded. 

Our Management Team has a background in the Service, Hotel and Finance Industry and 50+ years of combined experience from those sectors.





We did a lot of planning, mapping and tests in the period after our birth, which in the spring of 2015 resulted in the launch of our first trial serviced apartment. 

(Bonus info: We tweeked our interior design a bit after the trial serviced apartment, why this apartment is the only one of its kind in our portfolio). 




After our launch, the management team played the mandatory swiss-army-knife-role of any new and ambitious company. We did it all; from assembling furniture, preparing apartments and service deliveries, to reservations, marketing and financials. 

And as we continued to grow our company and run faster - we were extremely happy to welcome several new team-members in our organisation. 




In the spring of 2017, we launched an office in Aarhus, Denmark. The apartments are located a few minutes from the inner city - in the quiet and charming residential area of Øgadekvarter. 

Our Serviced Apartment properties in Aarhus are a mix of classical residential buildings and new architecture. We are very happy with the branch and we have learned a lot from this excersise.  

In the spring of 2018 we launched our third office in Odense, Denmark, with 30 brand new apartments in the old Harbour. 


The year that were lost


What can we say? :) 2020 was a bumpy ride. But we emerged wiser and stronger from it. 




All the stuff we couldn't do in 2020 - for obvious reasons - we will do this year. And we are still planning to do all the stuff we had planned for 2021. 

Our Mission

Is to help make high quality serviced living instantly accessible and easy for everyone looking for a temporary home, flexibility and support.

Out aim is to drive innovation in the our industry, setting new standards for technological development to deliver excellent customer experience, thereby creating a brand instantly recognized for professionalism, efficiency and propriety.

We will achieve this by never stop evolving and improving, by offering a transparent and consistent account management, good quality apartments and great services. 


Our Values are


What you see is what you get. And what we say is what we do.

Transparency is paramount in developing a trusting and mutual beneficial business relationship. There's no way around it. 


We are passionate about our business and we are dedicated to deliver a high quality account and resident service at all times.


We always try to do better. And we are constantly looking to explore new technologies in order to improve customer experience for our Clients and user experience for our Residents.


We would be nowhere without our skilled and hardworking team. We do our best to give our clients and residents a great experience and we are constantly looking to improve. Tab images below to read more about some of our teammembers.

Lau Jalking

Head Of Operations


Lau started out as a part-time student employee in our Odense office. He quickly became a valued member of the local team and rose to be head of section in Odense. 

Lau has a lot of talent and he is a hard worker - both essential traits we seek here in Movinn. 


Get in touch with Lau:


Denis Drobny

Software Architect

Denis is studying for his major in Computer Science in the University of Copenhagen. 

Denis is very skilled, talented and and a great sparring partner with management in the daily development of our it-products. 

Andreas Thaning




Andreas is joining us in april of 2021 as a part-time financial controller. He is currently studying at Copenhagen Business School while supporting our financial department. 

Bonus info: Andreas is an avid golf player with a handicap of +0,3. Crazy :) 

Julian Blok

Head Of Sales


Julian joined our team in april 2020 as our new Head of Sales. Julian has a background in marketing and big data analysis and he has several years of experience in sales, client care and key account management. 

He is also extremely dedicated to Movinn's mission and he will jump through hoops to make a client happy. 


Get in touch with Julian:

Malene Rodtborg

Service Manager (Aarhus)

Malene is our local Service Manager in Aarhus. Malene is highly dedicated and has a natural flair for all things service. So Malene is our swiss-army-knife in Aarhus, making sure to that all our clients and residents are happy and thriving. 



Get in touch with Malene:


Stefan Krogh

Property Management (Copenhagen)


Stefan joined the Movinn Service Team in the spring of 2017. Stefan is in charge of service deliveries, putting new units into operations, and of running our properties as smoothly as possible with the rest of the Movinn Service Team. 


Get in touch with Stefan:


Jacob Holm


Jacob was elected Chairman of the Board in early 2021. Jacob has been CEO of danish furniture giant Fritz Hansen until recently retiring. Besides that, Jacob has several trusted board positions from well-respected and large danish companies. 

We are very excited to have Jacob on board as his commercial insights and experience from running a multinational company will no doubt come in handy. 



Christian Scherfig

Member of the Board

Christian Scherfig joined our Board in early 2021. Christian is Partner in the esteemed danish law firm, Lundgrens, with a specialty in Mergers & Acquistions. 

Christian has held several high-profile, trusted positions in the past and is well-respected in his field.

Besides providing high quality legal counsel, Christian is strategically strong and will play a central part in our growth and development. 

Jesper Thaning

CFO (Founder)


Before founding Movinn, Jesper Thaning founded, ran and eventually exited the very large and successfull facility service company, Kølving & Thaning A/S. 

Jesper's experience from the Service Sector - and as a CEO of a large company - has been invaluable to Movinn. Jesper is now working as CFO in Movinn.


Get in touch with Jesper:


Christian Dalum

Member of the board


Christian Dalum has a background in private equity and corporate finance. He is currently the Managing Partner in DANE CAPITAL focusing on private equity buyouts and growth capital deals.

Christian's strength is financing and access to a large professional network of senior executives and investors.

Patrick Blok

Managing Director

Patrick is in charge of the daily operations and business development of Movinn. 


Get in touch with Patrick:

Kristian Jensen

Member of the board

Kristian joined our board in march 2021. Kristian is educated in the banking sector and was elected to the Danish Parliament in 1998. Kristian has since serves as Minister of Taxation (2004-2010), Minister of Foreign Affairs (2015-2016) and Ministor of the Treasury (2016-2019).

As Minister of the Treasury Kristian held the responsibility for Denmark's ownership of a number of companies, hereunder Ørsted, SAS & Danske Spil.

We are happy to have Kristian on our board as his vast experience - domestically and internationally - will no doubt help us achieve our future goals. 

Where to find us

Our offices are currently located in Inner Copenhagen, at Dronningens Tværgade 9B. Current and prospective business partners are welcome to stop by anytime for a chat and a half-decent cup of coffee.