Professional Serviced Apartments Supplier.

Movinn is a professional supplier of furnished and serviced apartments in Denmark, offered to companies, public institutions and international organizations in need of temporary homes for employees, clients and partners. We offer high-quality furnished and serviced apartments in good locations whilst ensuring a high level of service. Creating a home for our Residents and value for our Clients holds top priority.

Great Service. Personal Dedication.

We believe in the value of long-term, professional relationships and we cultivate these relationships through consistent and high-quality service deliveries.

At Movinn, dedication, propriety and professionalism are essential virtues that run through our entire supply chain. The team is always ready to follow through. 


Movinn is a young company, but we have already established some great business partnerships. All of which are a vital part of our story. Tab the images below to read about some of our milestones.

Fall 2014

Movinn is founded


In October 2014, the board and management team consisting of Jesper Thaning, Morten Nielsen and Patrick Blok was set and Movinn A/S was formally founded. 

Our Management Team has a background in the Service, Hotel and Finance Industry and 50+ years of combined experience from those sectors.

In 2014, this was a very strong team on paper. Today, this is a very strong team in practice as well. 

Spring 2015

Launch Trial Concept


We did a LOT of planning, mapping and tests in the period after our birth, which in the spring of 2015 resulted in the launch of our first trial serviced apartment. 

(Bonus info: We tweeked our interior design a bit after the trial serviced apartment, why this apartment is the only one of its kind in our portfolio). 

FALL 2015

Our Team Grew


After our launch, the management team played the mandatory swiss-army-knife-role of any new and ambitious company. We did it all; from assembling furniture, preparing apartments and service deliveries, to reservations, marketing and financials. 

We were therefore extremely happy to welcome Martin, Christian and Lone to our team. 


Apartment Portfolio Growth


We started off with no apartments, then we had one and in the spring of 2016, we had grown our portfolio significantly. 

Our growth rate puts a strain on our organization, but it is a vital part of our business development. And we will continue our growth in the many seasons to come. 

Spring 2017

Branching Out


During the spring of 2017, Movinn will launch an office in Aarhus, Denmark. We are very excited about this prospect, but we approach the task as we always do: With equal parts of humility and respect for the market. 


Be part of our Future


There is no doubt that Movinn is here to stay.

We have a lot of faith in our product, we are dedicated to offer a high level of service and we have great business partners. 

We are always looking to expand our network and improve our business.

So please don't hesitate to reach out, if you want to be a part of a mutual beneficial future. 



Our Vision

Is to create a brand that is instantly recognized for professionalism, efficiency and propriety. We will achieve this by offering a transparent and consistent account management service, good quality apartments, and great resident services.


Our Values are


What you see is what you get. And what we say is what we do.

Transparency is paramount in developing a trusting and mutual beneficial business relationship. There's no way around it. 


We are passionate about our business and we are dedicated to deliver a high quality account and resident service at all times.


We always try to do better. And we are constantly looking to explore new technologies in order to improve customer experience for our Clients and user experience for our Residents.


We would be nowhere without our skilled and hardworking team. We do our best to give our clients and residents a great experience and we are constantly looking to improve our business. Tab images below to read more or to get in touch with a team-member.

Jesper Thaning


Before founding Movinn, Jesper Thaning founded, ran and eventually exited the very large and successfull facility service company, Kølving & Thaning A/S. 

Jesper's experience from the Service Sector - and as a CEO of a large company - has been invaluable to Movinn.  

Get in touch with Jesper: 



Patrick Blok

Executive Director

Patrick Blok holds a bachelor's degree in Political Science from the University of Copenhagen and has previously worked in the Serviced Apartments and Real Estate Investment Industry.  

Patrick is in charge of the daily operations and business development of Movinn.  

Get in touch with Patrick: 


Christian Sjølund

Head of IT

Christian got his master's degree in Computer Science from the University of Copenhagen in 2015 and joined Movinn in November that same year. 

Christian is very talented, hardworking and has great technical skills. All this makes Christian an important member of our team.

Get in touch with Christian:  


Kenneth Nielsen

Head of Operations

Kenneth joined Movinn as Head Of Operations in june of 2018.
Kenneth is basically in charge of everything regarding service, portfolio growth and property management.

Kenneth is a certified electrician and he solves technical issues with his eyes closed. Kenneth has a fantastic overview and he has a natural flair for service and logistics.  


Get in touch with Kenneth:  


Morten Bak

Head of Sales

Morten joined our Movinn Team in March 2018 as our new Head of Sales. Morten has a lot of experience from our industry and we have little doubt that he will be a fantastic addition to our team. 

Get in touch with Morten Bak:



Stefan Krogh

Service Team


Stefan joined the Movinn Service Team in the spring of 2017. Stefan is in charge of service deliveries, putting new units into operations, and of running our properties as smoothly as possible with the rest of the Movinn Service Team. 

Get in touch with Stefan:  


05. Where to find us

Our offices are currently located in Inner Copenhagen, at Dronningens Tværgade 9B. Current and prospective business partners are welcome to stop by anytime for a chat and a half-decent cup of coffee.